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Maggie Chalifoux - Artist & Writer

Member Name: Maggie Chalifoux
Address *: 763 Buckhead Drive
City *: Bracey
State *: Virginia
Zip *: 23919
Phone: 434-636-5208
Alternate Phone: 804-931-3307

All About Us

I have been a painter for most of my life. In that capacity I have explored many media and many subjects, painting both representationally and abstractly. There is great beauty all around us  found in nature, in a humble cup of tea, in a facial expression or a body gesture.  Painting for me is a spiritual experience, dialoguing with the painting as it develops. I am drawn to subjects that allow me to express beauty with color, light and line. I hope the viewer can share that love of beauty in each piece. My work has shown in galleries, has won awards, and lives in many collections, private and corporate.


My book of poetry,  SONGS OF SHE – A Chorus of Feminine Voices was published last year, and is available from Amazon or me directly. From the back cover “the author invites you …a journey of exploring the nuances of love … of self and others, of mending what feels broken, of finding hope … of spiritual journey, and of love of nature.” My words have also have been published in a variety of anthologies.


I studied art at VCU, but had a career in IT, writing proposals, designing, developing and installing large computer systems. In that mode I was able to use my creativity in different ways and to develop my writing skills.

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