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Pleasant Hill Christian Church

Member Name: Patty Richardson
Address *: 175 Ankum Rd
City *: Gasburg
State *: Virginia
Zip *: 23857
Phone: 434-577-2463
Alternate Phone: 434-577-9633

All About Us

The Christian Church is a nondenominational fellowship of Christians, free from all ecclesiastical ties, bound together by belief in the Word of God and by desire or the unity of all followers of Christ. Our only desire is to be Christians and to do the works befitting Christians. Our rule of faith and practice is the inspired Word of God, the Bible. Our plan for Christian unity is through a return to New Testament Christianity. We seek to build the Church of our Lord on earth as it was revealed in the New Testament, without human additions or subtractions, theologies or practices. Where the scriptures speak, we speak; where the scriptures are silent, we are silent. We observe the ordinances of Christian baptism and the weekly observance of the Lord's Supper as they are revealed in the New Testament. In the essentials of God's word we expect unity; in the things not essential we guarantee liberty; in all things we practice love.

We invite you to be a part of a congregation of Christians, whose only purpose is to do God's will on earth.

Sunday Scheduled Services:

Bible School - 9:00 AM

Classes for Everyone

Worship Service - 10:00 AM

Nursery Provided

Youth Worship

Evening Service - 5:45 PM

Church Leadership

Greg Hand, Minister

Rob Tromm, Youth Minister

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