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Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department

Member Name: Chief Lorenzo Wilkins
Address *: 790 Lizard Creek Road
City *: Littleton
State *: North Carolina
Zip *: 27850
Phone: 252-586-5737

All About Us

Roanoke-Wildwood Fire serves the NE part of Lake Gaston with 2 Fire Stations in Warren and Northampton Counties.

The mission of the Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department is to respond to all emergencies within the community.  Helping citizens deal with those emergencies, we utilize all our resources available with the utmost regard for the safety of it's members doing all we can to limit the loss of life, property, and the environment.

Auxiliary members of the Department are non-Operational. They assist the Department Chief and President with managing functions for the Department. You may wish to assist with fundraising, meeting management, meal preparation, marketing, logistics, or holiday functions. The mission of the Auxiliary is to work in support of the Roanoke -Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department (RWVFD) providing assistance when and where necessary.

RWVFD is one of the most modern fire departments in the Lake Gaston, North Carolina area, providing fire suppression, search and rescue services for over 10,000 full-time residents covering approximately 23 square miles in Northampton and Warren Counties. The primary function of the Auxiliary is to raise funds for the fire department's use in purchasing or replacing equipment and keeping the existing equipment in good operating order. In addition, the funds may be used for the upkeep and maintenance of the Main Fire Station and Sub-Station.

The Main Fire Station also serves as an emergency shelter for those individuals in need of shelter in the event of a natural disaster. The Auxiliary is a separate entity operated on a non-profit, charitable basis.

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